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Billy Earl Dade Middle School

More Schools to Benefit from $40 million in Bond Savings

Five district schools are receiving additional construction improvements thanks to $40 million in bond funds garnered from prudent management of the bond program, earned interest, and leftover funds from completed projects.  The schools selected to receive the improvements include George Truett, W.W. Bushman, and T.G. Terry elementary schools, and W.E. Greiner and E. B. Comstock middle schools. The additional work will be part of the final construction phase of the 2008 Dallas ISD Bond Program.

At least $1.1 million of these funds are targeted for a sixth project that includes the expansion of the Career Pathways Projects at Lincoln, L.G. Pinkston and James Madison high schools. The campuses and their feeder schools comprise the district’s Imagine 2020 strategic feeder pattern initiative, a commitment to provide additional financial and staff resources to accelerate student achievement. The career pathways programs align with the district’s plan to prepare students for careers in a wide range of fields, including architecture and construction, agriculture, government, law enforcement, manufacturing, health, business, and others.

Among the schools receiving the additional improvements, George Truett Elementary, at more than 500 students over capacity, has been identified as the building most in need of expansion. The school will receive a new 26-classroom expansion. The school will be reconfigured to better accommodate the school’s 980 PreK-5 students.

“This effort displays the district’s commitment to our staff, students and their families. It is an investment in our community.” said Jonathan Smith, Principal at Truett Elementary. “We are thankful to the district’s leaders and the construction staff for their collaboration in helping us move forward.”

W.E. Greiner Middle School, the district’s most over-capacity middle school, is receiving a new classroom wing to alleviate its overcrowded 1,718 student body.

Improving school and classroom environmental conditions is also on the list of priorities for this additional funding. W.W. Bushman and T.G. Terry elementary schools and E.B. Comstock Middle School will gain critical HVAC upgrades that include replacement of steam boilers and piping with a new hydronic system to improve the comfort and operating efficiency of the buildings.