About the Bond Program

Green Initiatives

Environmentally Sustainable Schools

As a part of its 2008 Bond Program, the Dallas Independent School District is committed to employing high performance schools criteria in the construction of the program’s 14 new schools and a number of major additions to schools.

Sustainable schools are designed and built according to a code of environmental standards developed by the Texas Collaborative for High Performance Schools. The standards require the incorporation of energy efficiency, conservation and design features that foster responsible use of resources.

There is evidence that high performance sustainable schools increase student performance, foster a sense of community, improve student and staff health, reduce environmental impact and lower operating expenses. 

Sustainable Features of New Schools

Among the many features that define a high performance building, the new schools may include:

  • Buildings placed on site to minimize required earth work, while maximizing benefits of natural light to program elements
  • Windows to provide day lighting in the classrooms
  • Highly reflective roofing to reduce heat island effects
  • Geo-thermal heating and air conditioning system to reduce long term energy consumption and utility costs
  • Improved noise control between classrooms
  • Environmental education and display panels in the common areas that educate the occupants and visitors about sustainable features in the building
  • Recycled content materials such as concrete with 25% fly-ash
  • Regional materials including masonry, structural steel and concrete
  • Low Volatile Organic Compound materials such as Vinyl Composition Tile flooring
  • Water conservation such as plumbing fixtures that reduce water use
  • Native plants in landscaping to reduce irrigation needs
  • Metering of water quantities used for irrigation versus domestic to allow close monitoring of water consumption

Dallas ISD High Performance Schools:


For more information regarding Dallas ISD’s commitment to the sustainable design approach, please contact:

Larry Zarby
Director – Design and Special Projects