About the Bond Program

Program Highlights

Construction to Proceed in Three Phases

Now in Phase I of a multi-phased plan to make needed capital improvements at virtually every district school

  • Total program equals $1.35 billion
  • $58.08 per year increase for the average homeowner (based on average taxable value of $124,000)

$450 million to address changing student demographics

  • 14 new schools including replacement of three existing schools that are beyond their useful lives
    • Eight elementary schools
    • Four middle schools
    • Two high schools

$93 million to replace portable classrooms and modular temporary classrooms with permanent facilities

$521 million to improve the district’s existing school facilities through renovation of its buildings and properties

  • Building envelope modernization
  • Plumbing, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and electrical upgrades
  • Restroom modernization
  • Playground, parking lot, and traffic circulation improvements
  • Campus athletic facilities improvements
  • Fire alarm and security system upgrades

$12 million to keep pace with enriched science instruction requirements

  • 19 new science labs at six existing secondary schools

$20 million to reduce the number of lunch periods and improve the process of meal service

  • Kitchen renovations at 16 schools
  • Dining room expansions at 22 schools

$96 million for technology for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of instructional programs and school operations

  • Classroom/lab computers
  • Classroom telephones
  • Campus supporting infrastructure
  • Student interaction technology and classroom presentation devices
  • Student tracking and attendance

$14 million to refurbish the district’s regional sports complexes

  • Restroom upgrades
  • Safety and security upgrades

$6 million to renovate the district’s support facilities
$84 million reserved for property acquisition for new schools
$22 million reserved for removal of hazardous materials