About the Bond Program

Technology Upgrades

In addition to constructing new schools and renovating and repurposing existing schools, the 2008 Bond Program has allocated $96 million for technology upgrades. This allocation is split between student access ($37 million), tools and security ($30 million), and infrastructure ($29 million).

The technology upgrades impact the classroom by providing:

  • Teacher and student computers
  • Data network upgrades
  • Video services to classrooms including educational digital cable television
  • Multimedia management
  • Portable building connectivity
  • Student record systems

The upgrades also help create digital classrooms that include:

  • Data network and wireless overlay
  • Student stations and laptop carts
  • Classroom audio system
  • Video projector with multimedia management
  • Interactive white boards
  • Document camera

Technology upgrades are key to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our instructional programs and school operations as we move into the future.