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Facilities Condition Assessment Report helps district plan for the future

Dallas ISD takes seriously the responsibility of maintaining its 227 schools, dozen sports arenas, and numerous administrative offices, warehouses, and other facilities.  Keeping the buildings in good operating condition requires a small army of maintenance staff in constant motion. Done on a timely schedule, maintenance promotes the academic progress and safety of staff and students, and increases employee productivity.

The task of performing maintenance while controlling costs falls to school board members and district leadership who are ever aware of their responsibility to ensure the effective use of citizens’ tax dollars. To identify and prioritize short- and long-term maintenance requirements, the district contracted with Parsons Environment & Infrastructure Group to evaluate the condition, maintenance needs, and life-cycle status of all existing buildings. The study’s findings are available for review at Facilities Condition Assessment_Final_Report.

The assessment included on-site physical inspections of 269 facilities, including schools, athletic fields and facilities, and administrative offices.  The physical condition, repair options, maintenance and capital renewal needs, and the remaining expected life for each facility were reviewed. The assessment incorporated evaluations and interviews with Dallas ISD facility administrators and maintenance personnel.

The final report details recommendations regarding appropriate allocation of funds for the assessed buildings and prioritization of improvement needs over the next five years, as well as a plan to address needs through 2025. The report is a planning tool to assist trustees in making decisions needed to achieve short and long-term facility goals to provide students with high-quality schools that maximize their learning potential and prepare them for higher education.