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Oran M. Roberts Elementary School (Replacement)
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Current Status

Project Highlights

  • Grade Levels: Pre-K - 5
  • Classrooms: 39
  • Students: 800
  • Building Size: combination of single-story and two-story structures, 98,000 sq.-ft. facility
  • Environmentally Sustainable School
    • Geothermal wells
    • Natural lighting
    • Sustainable irrigation control
  • In addition to standard academic classrooms, facility will include:
    • Administration
    • Science and computer labs
    • Multi-purpose room
    • Kitchen
    • Cafeteria
    • Gymnasium
  • Site Special Features:
    • Outdoor learning garden with flower beds interspersed with pathways and seating areas.
    • Plaza area to serve as a waiting area for parents when picking up children

Biography of Oran Milo Roberts



Oran Milo Roberts was a respected lawyer whoselove for his adopted home state inspired his leadership as a Texas Supreme Court judge, governor, Confederate leader and a founder of the Texas State Historical Association.

Born in 1815 in South Carolina, Roberts was educated at home and shared his father's dream that he would one day enter the legal profession. At the age of seventeen, he left home to attend the University of Alabama and five years later he was admitted to the bar.

Roberts moved to San Augustine, Texas in 1841. President of the Republic of Texas Sam Houston appointed him as a district attorney, and Roberts went on to serve on the Texas Supreme Court, first as justice then as Chief Justice. Over the years, he was responsible for rewriting much of Texas’ civil law.

A strong supporter of states’ rights, Roberts led the Secession Convention in Austin, then led Texas through the break with the union in 1861. After the war, Roberts played an equally prominent role in reconstruction as a member of the Constitutional Convention. Subsequently he opened an Austin law school renowned for launching the careers of a numerous Texas jurists. Roberts’ leadership and knowledge of the law earned him widespread recognition.

In 1878, he became the 17th governor of Texas with a platform of post-Reconstruction fiscal reform. In his two terms of service, he reduced the state’s debt and increased funding to public schools. During his tenure, the present Capitol was erected and the cornerstone was laid for the University of Texas.

Even after retirement from political office, Roberts remained influential as a professor of law at The University of Texas where students are said to have fondly referred to him as “Old Alcalde." Later, he turned to writing books about Texas’ legal system and state history. In his final years, his love of Texas inspired the founding of the Texas State Historical Association, and he served as the first president of the organization.

When Oran M. Roberts died in Austin May 19, 1898, he was remembered as a just and impartial judge, a firm and conservative governor, and a kind and meticulous law professor.


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4919 E. Grand Ave.
Dallas, TX 75223
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Miguel Solis, District 8

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Jacobs Engineering Inc.


NR2 Architects